Chronology of the Service of the Second Massachusetts Infantry


Apr 15 Major George Henry Gordon of the New England Guards secures Gov. John A. Andrew's promise of support to raise a volunteer regiment for the war

Apr 19 Massachusetts Militia troops answering President Lincoln's call to defend Washington, DC, are attacked by a mob in the streets of Baltimore

Apr 29 Gordon's emissaries, George L. Andrews and Wilder Dwight, obtain the authority from Secretary of War Cameron to raise a 3-year regiment

May 4 President Lincoln calls for 39 regiments of Infantry and 1 of Cavalry to serve for three years
May 9 Quartermaster R. Morris Copeland secures the use of the former Brook Farm in Roxbury from Re. James Freeman Clarke. It is christened "Camp Andrew"

May 11 The first troops to arrive at Camp Andrew is a company raised and commanded by Edward Abbott

May 18 Four companies of the 2nd MA are mustered in.

May 24 Gordon is commissioned Colonel of the 2nd MA Volunteer Infantry

May 27 6 companies are mustered into service

Jun 26 The regiment receives the first of its battle flags

Jul 1 The regiment's state flag is received

Jul 6 Gordon receives orders to report to Gen. Robert Patterson in Virginia

Jul 8 The 2nd Massachusetts Infantry breaks camp at Brook Farm and boards the train in Boston for New York City

Jul 12 The regiment fords the Potomac River and treads upon the sacred soil of Virginia

Jul 14 Gordon's regiment is assigned to the 6th Brigade, 2nd Division, under Gen. John Abercrombie

Jul 17 The 2nd Massachusetts at Charlestown, VA

Jul 18 The 2nd MA is detached and sent to garrison the town of Harper's Ferry

Jul 21 The regiment hears the news about the battle of Bull Run

Jul 25 Former Massachusetts Governor, Nathaniel P. Banks, replaces Patterson

Jul 28 Most of the 2nd MA is moved to Maryland Heights

Aug 19 As the regiment makes preparations to move out, there is a truly minor skirmish with some enemy cavalry

Aug 24 The 2nd MA moves to Darnestown, MD, where it remains until 21October, much to the displeasure of both officers & men

Oct 21 Gordon receives orders to proceed to Edward's Ferry and arrives there in the aftermath of the Union debacle at Ball's Bluff.

Oct 25 The 2nd MA returns to Darnestown, then moves on to its new camp at Seneca Creek

Dec5 Winter quarters at Frederick, MD


Feb 17 30 men from the regiment are detailed by McClellan to join the gun-boat expedition on the Mississippi

Feb 27 The 2nd MA leaves Frederick, MD and re-enters Virginia. Spends the night at Harper's Ferry.

Feb 28 The 2nd MA at Charlestown, VA

Mar 11 The 2nd MA at Winchester, VA

Mar 22 Williams Division, on its way to reinforce Gen. McDowell, is sent back to Winchester in a hurry after the Battle of Kernstown. Several members of Co. G, on Provost Duty in the town, take part in the fight

Apr 1 Banks begins his pursuit of Stonewall Jackson up the Valley

May 13 The 2nd MA at Strasburg. Banks now only has command of two brigades. The rest have been detached to aid the push against Richmond

May 23 Jackson attacks & routs the Federals at Front Royal

May 24 The 2nd MA engages in rear guard action against Jackson's advance and holds him at bay from Newtown all the way to Winchester

May 25 THE BATTLE OF WINCHESTER. The 2nd MA finds itself on the opposite side of the Potomac.

[On this day, Richard Goodhind is captured by the Confederate Army. He does not participate thereafter in the Battle of Cedar Mountain or the Battle of Antietam.]

Jun 11 The 2nd MA revisits Winchester

Jun 15 Gordon promoted to Brigadier General. George Andrews succeeds him in command of the 2nd MA

Jun 26 Gen. John Pope arrives to show the eastern armies how it's done

Jul 19 The 2nd MA at Little Washington


Aug 19 The 2nd MA receives 90 new recruits

Aug 20 Rappahannock ramblings

Aug 29-30 As the rear guard of Banks' entire force, the 2nd MA is not close enough to participate in Second Bull Run

Sep 4 Once again on the wrong side of the Potomac

Sep 5 Pope is relieved. McLellan is once again called upon the save the Union!

Sep 12 The 2nd MA becomes part of the 12th Corps of the Army of the Potomac

Sep 14 The regiment passes through Frederick, MD

Sep 17 THE BATTLE OF ANTIETAM; Lt. Col. Wilder Dwight is mortally wounded.

Sep 22 Back to Maryland Heights where the regiment finds itself once again guarding the upper Potomac

Oct 15 Major General Henry Warner Slocum assumes command of the 12th Corps

Oct 22 Lt. Col. James Savage, wounded at Cedar Mt., dies in captivity

Oct 30 The 2nd MA near Sharpsburg for 5-6 weeks

Nov 9 Col. Andrews is promoted to Brigadier General. In the absence of Col. Quincy, recovering from his Cedar Mt. wounds, command of the 2nd MA falls to William Cogswell

Nov 24 Cogswell leads a raid against guerillas at Shepherdstown, VA

Dec 13 The 2nd MA "invades" Virginia for the 4th time.

Dec. 16 The 2nd MA at Fairfax Court House. Does not participate in the disaster at Fredericksburg

[On Dec 19, Richard Goodhind is paroled and returns to his regiment at Stafford Court House.]


Jan 23 - Apr 27 Encamped at Stafford Court House

Jan 20 Burnside's "Mud March"

Jan 26 Hooker replaces Burnside

Mar 6 Col. Quincy finally returns to take command


May 11 The 2nd Massachusetts begins its 3rd year of service.

Jun 2 Col. Quincy resigns due to persistent physical problems. His successor, Col. Cogswell, is recovering from wounds received at Chancellorsville

Jul 1-3 BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG; Lt. Col. Mudge, in temporary command of the 2nd MA, is killed

Jul 12 Col. Cogswell returns to command the regiment

Aug 16 Ordered to New York City in the aftermath of the Draft Riots

Sep 9 Returns to Virginia from New York City

Sep 24 The 12th Corps is detached from the Army of the Potomac and sent to the aid of Rosecrans at Chattanooga, TN

Oct 9 The regiment arrives in Tullahoma, TN. Principle duty--guarding the railroad line

The 2nd MA takes no part in the BATTLE OF WAUHATCHIE

Oct 28 Former officer, Adin B. Underwood, now commanding the 33rd MA, is badly wounded

Nov 24 The 2nd MA takes no part in the BATTLE OF LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN

Nov 25 The 2nd MA takes no part in the BATTLE OF MISSIONARY RIDGE


Jan 10 Those men who have re-enlisted for another 3 years begin their 30-day furlough

Feb 23 The re-enlistees leave Boston to rejoin the regiment at Tullahoma, TN

Apr 4 The 12th Corps & 11th Corps are consolidated as the 20th Corps, under the command of Major General Joseph Hooker

May 5 In preparation for the campaign against Atlanta, the 2nd MA is reduced to 1 wagon (it left Massachusetts in 1861 with 25)


May 19 Action at CASSVILLE

May 25 While on detached duty guarding a bridge, the 2nd MA takes no part in the BATTLE OF NEW HOPE CHURCH

May 28 Those men who did not re-enlist are Mustered Out of the 2nd MA

[Corporal Richard Goodhind was one of the men mustered out on this date.]

Jun 21-22 Action at KOLB'S FARM

Jun 27 BATTLE OF KENESAW MOUNTAIN. The 2nd MA only lightly engaged

Jun 30 The 2nd MA enters Marietta, GA


Sep 2 The 12th Corps is the first Union force to enter Atlanta. Col. Cogswell is appointed post commandant and the 2nd MA is chosen to garrison the city

Nov 12-13 The public buildings in Atlanta are set ablaze

Nov 16 The 2nd MA leaves Atlanta

Nov 23 The 2nd MA enters Milledgeville, the capital of Georgia

Dec 3 Officers of the regiment tour the Confederate prison pen at Millen

Dec 13 Ft. McAlister, on the outskirts of Savannah, falls

Dec 21 Savannah falls into Federal hands


Jan 15 Sherman's Army leaves Savannah behind

Jan 16 Col. Cogswell is brevetted Brigadier General, retaining his commission in the 2nd MA; Lt. Col. Charles Morse becomes its last commanding officer

Jan 19 The 2nd MA at Hardeeville, NC

Mar 6 The 2nd MA at Cheraw, NC

Mar 13 The 2nd MA at Fayetteville, NC



Mar. 24 The 2nd MA at Goldsboro, NC

Apr 3 The Confederate capital of Richmond falls to U. S. Grant

Apr 9 Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox

Apr 14-15 Lincoln is assassinated in Washington, DC

Apr 14 Johnston requests armistice

Apr 26 Johnston surrenders to Sherman

May 4 The 2nd MA enters Virginia for the first time since 27 S 1863

May 11 4 years to the day that the 2nd MA established its first camp at Brook Farm, Richmond is entered

May 24 The Grand Review in Washington, DC of Sherman's Army

Jun 7 The 20th Corps passes into history. The 2nd MA is transferred to Gen. Bartlett's division, District of Washington

Jul 14 The 2nd MA is mustered out of the service

Jul 15 The regiment leaves Washington, DC, for Boston. Of the original officers, only Col. Cogswell, Lt. Col. Morse & Maj. James Francis still hold commissions in the regiment

Jul 19 At Readville, MA, the commanding officer issues his final order to the regiment

Jul 26 The 2nd MA breaks ranks forever

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