Frederick Goodhind
James Thomas Goodhind

Norwich Bridge Cemetery, 
Huntington, Massachusetts

Follow Route 112 South into Huntington. Look for a sign for Gateway Regional School. Turn right onto that road (Littleville Road). About 1/4 mile on the left just past the school is Norwich Bridge Cemetery. Enter through the main gate and stop there. Walk off to the left, to the next car path. Along the right edge of the car path, about 5-6 rows in from the front of the cemetery is the Goodhind tombstone.

[Click the thumbnail at right to see the stone at full resolution]

On the rear face of this stone is an inscription:

James Goodhind


Henry Robert Goodhind

Greenlawn Cemetery
Housatonic (Great Barrington), Massachusetts

Follow Route 7 South from Stockbridge into Great Barrington. After several miles, take right onto Route 183 North. Take next left onto Division Street. Take next available right onto Van Duesenville Road (train tracks parallel this road). Follow for a few miles. Greenlawn Cemetery will appear on the left. Use the front of the vault in the center of the cemetery as a marker to find the stone, as you can see it in the photo here.

Richard Goodhind

Fairmount Cemetery, 
Lee, Massachusetts

Take Mass Pike (Route 90) into Lee. Take right off ramp, go under the elevated highway and take first available right (Fuller Street). Follow to top of hill directly into Fairmount Cemetery. Take first right before the vault, then right again. At the corner, you will find the Goodhind plot on your right (you will come in behind it so you won't see the Goodhind name on the rear side of the white, rectangular stone). Look at this picture to help get your bearing, looking back towards the vault (upper left corner).

There are several footstones in this cemetery plot:   Richard Goodhind and daughters Rose, Nettie and Alice. 
Daughter Lottie is also buried in Fairmount (but on the far side) with her husband Charles Marsh and his parents. 
[NOTE: His last daughter, Minnie, is buried with her husband Willis Gerry in South Hadley Village cemetery.]

Alice Marsh Sperl and her husband Howard are also buried here, beside her grandfather Richard.

Richard's first wife, Charlotte Martin Cook is buried in Dalton, (Main Street Cemetery), Berkshire County, MA.  Beside her is buried Bertha May Goodhind, Richard's second child with his second wife, Mary L. Stickles.  (A bit weird, eh?)
Entering the cemetery off Main Street at the first entrance, park immediately and proceed to the right front along the cement wall which surrounds the cemetery.  "Grandma Goodhind's" (as she was always referred to in my family)  stone lies in the corner.

Richard's second wife, Mary L. Stickles (always referred to as "Grandma Histon"), re-married after Richard died and is buried in Union Cemetery, Philmont, Columbia County, NY, near her second husband, John R. Histon.  His first wife, Wealtha, was also a Stickels, perhaps a cousin of Mary's?
Note that Mary's death date is not entered on the stone.  She died in 1941 in Pittsfield, MA but information from Alice Marsh Sperl indicates that she may not in fact be buried here but elsewhere in this same cemetery. (Also weird, huh?)
I have tried to confirm this information but cemetery records are sketchy.


John Goodhind

Springfield Cemetery, Maple Street,
Springfield, Massachusetts

Follow Route 91 into Springfield. Take Columbus Avenue exit. Go up 1-2 blocks, take right onto Main Street. After Civic Center, take left onto State Street. Take your third right onto Maple Street. Go up about 4-5 streets to intersection lights (Avon Place is on the left). Look diagonally to the left at ornate stone pillars and gates between two apartment buildings. That is the entrance to the cemetery. Enter and bear left at the fork past the main office. As you start to go up a small hill, look for a stone on right near road edge for "Hamilton." Park there. Walk up hill diagonally to the left about 9-10 rows. The Goodhind stone is pictured at right here.

On the front of the stone are inscriptions for John Goodhind and his wife Amy Dyson Cuckow.  On the reverse are inscriptions for son John and daughter Charlotte Goodhind Maschin.

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