WILLIAM GOODHIND and ANN NORMAN had 15 children together (that we know of). They are listed below. Sons HENRY ROBERT, FREDERICK, JAMES THOMAS, RICHARD and JOHN emigrated to the United States.

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1. WILLIAM was born on November 25, 1829 in Collumpton, Devon, Great Britain.  William was married twice and had five children.

2. JAMES was born February 6, 1832 in Cullompton. He died there on September 12, 1835. he was just 3 years old.

3. HENRY ROBERT (also known as "Harry") was born on August 22, 1834 in Cullompton. Henry was one of the five brothers who emigrated to America; he later became an American citizen.

4. FREDERICK was born on August 19, 1836 in Cullompton. He emigrated to America with his brother Henry; Frederick also became an American citizen.

5. MARY ANN was born in February 16, 1839 in Bradninch, Devon; she married and bore 8 children. She lived most of her life in Erith, Kent, England.

6. JAMES THOMAS was born in June 7, 1841 in Bradninch. He was married in England and again in America. He also became an American citizen.

7. RICHARD was born November 26, 1842 in Bradninch. Richard emigrated to America and became an American citizen. He is the only Goodhind to have fought in the American Civil War.

8. THOMAS was born September 22, 1844 in Bradninch.  He died on December 19, 1846. He was just 2 years old.

9. MARTHA was born in January 29, 1846 in Bradninch; she married twice.

10. TOM was born on November 27, 1847 in Bradninch. Like his father and brothers to date, he was a papermaker. Tom married and fathered seven children.

11. GEORGE was born on September 27, 1849 in Dartford, Kent. A millwright by trade, he married and had 5 children.

12. SARAH was born on February 14, 1852 in Dartford. She lived her entire life there. She died, unmarried, on January 1, 1947 at the age of 94.

13. JOHN was born on October 28, 1853 in Dartford. Also a papermaker, he was the last brother to emigrate to America. John did not naturalize as an American citizen. In fact, he returned his family to England at one point, only to come back later and finally to remain here in America.

14. ELIZABETH (known as "Lizzie") was born on November 10, 1855 in Dartford. She married and bore 7 children.

15. ALFRED was born on August 14, 1858 in Dartford.  He died on October 6, 1858 of convulsions at the age of 7 weeks. This must have been a particularly devastating loss for William and Ann. Their son Richard, at the age of 16, was the informant to the government of the child's death.

Editing note:  Much of the information in this page and the following pages was provided by ALICE MARSH SPERL. Her sources were sometimes other family members or family tradition.  Some dates she provided were incorrect and have been adjusted according to records subsequently found.  In Alice's writing, she often inserted personal observations or family stories.  I wanted to maintain her work as close to the original as possible but I feel strongly that her first-hand comments warrant special attention. Therefore, I have separated these out where possible and marked them in italics "- AMS" for Alice Marsh Sperl.  Where the comments are my own, I have used the same convention with the ending notation "- TSG." - Tim Goodhind

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