There are several ways (and reasons) to contact us.  Why bother, you might ask?  First of all, because we'd love to hear from you!  We think you would be amazed how interested we all are in what is happening in the family, both good and sad. 

As much as finding information (and connections to other family members) on this website might mean to you, it is equally important to all of us to hear from you.

There may be information on this site that is not accurate. It might be old, misspelled or just plain wrong.   Perhaps you feel there is too little information about your family...or conversely, perhaps there is too much.  We have to hear from you in order to correct these situations.  We have every intention of respecting the privacy of families.

On a related note, we are not certain how often we will be able to update this site.  (It took a long time just to figure out how to get this far!!)  But whenever we receive information, we will try to make it available to the rest of the family as soon as we can.

And of course, if you like what we've done, let us know!  We'd like to know how many people try to access this site and are able to glean something beneficial.  Please let us know what you think.  And please don't get discouraged if you make a suggestion and it doesn't happen.  We are doing this in our free time, free time that's in just as short a supply as your own.

You can send a message to Tim Goodhind directly by choosing this link. He will be able to pass it along to other branches of the family as necessary.  You can also contact him by snail mail at:

Timothy Goodhind
8 Montague Road
Sunderland, MA  01375

or by phone at:


And once again, thanks for stopping by!

Tim Goodhind
Cindy Palmer
Liz Banas
Alan Goodhind

July 2001

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