These photos were taken on Thursday, 17 September 2015 by Tim & Susan Goodhind, along with British Goodhind cousin Valerie Wright & her amazing husband David (our co-tour guide & congenial chauffeur), without whom the visit would not have been possible. Thank you both, Val & David, for sharing your time, your vast local knowledge, your boundless hospitality and your incredible good humor with us! We are forever in your debt.

Looking south on High Street World War I memorial

Cullompton Town Hall Cullompton Manor House, built 1603 Cullompton Manor House undergoing restoration

The Walronds, built c. 1605 Looking back at Cullompton Manor House

Probably built in the 1600s Sidewalk sign for local restaurant One of many alleyways to offstreet parking Beautiful storefronts

Walking along High Street (what we would call "Main Street")

Still headed south on High Street Leyton Court (another offstreet courtyard) Left at next corner takes us to St. Andrew's Church

Unbeknownst to us all, St. Andrew's was undergoing a massive restoration effort...and it was closed to visitors! Scaffolding enshrouded its entire magnificent church tower. We were devastated. But while we were taking exterior photos, cousin David sought out the job foreman. He explained he had American cousins in tow who had travelled across the Atlantic to see the church in which our collective Goodhind family had worshipped generations earlier. The man quickly agreed to allow us inside to see the renovations. Well done, David! Thank you!

First glimpse of St. Andrew's Church Had no idea it was undergoing renovation! Will it be open?

The front gate Looking along Church Street Renovations are massive

Parishioners are buried in churchyard Side entrance Foreman describes renovations The Nave

The Nave under renovation

Detail of ceiling Baptismal font Detail of balcony Detail of pew end

Play area for children Beautiful stained glass Looking towards the sanctuary Stairs to the pulpit

Called the "screen" Detail beside the screen Parishioner buried inside the church Church organ

Detail of screen painting Thanksgiving tablet placed for American troops in Cullompton in 1943 Along the edge of the Nave

Stairs to the pulpit The screen to the sanctuary Detail of ceiling The altar

Detail of altar area The altar Chair beside altar (right) Chair beside altar (left)

Stained glass Looking from sanctuary to Nave The pulpit

Organ pipes The screen from the Nave Who's Who at St. Andrew's face board World War I memorial

Stained glass Side of Nave

Details of ceiling

Entrance to the Nave Stairs to the bell tower Looking back to the vestibule

Visitor's book in the Nave Vicars going back to the 1100s! Looking towards Nave from within the vestibule The entrance door

The entrance door Back on High Street Vintage building at corner of Church & High Streets

Shepherd's Court Along High Street

Along High Street A commemorative poster of St. Andrew's Church we were able to purchase


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