Editing note: I was contacted in June of 2019 by a member of the extended Goodhind family in England. He had done a great deal of research and assembled a biography on a great-grandson of William Goodhind and Ann Norman through their son George. This descendant, Cyril Charles Goodhind, had a very prominent and illustrious military career in the UK during World War II and beyond. The biographer asked to remain unnamed. I present the information and photos below with his permission. And I'd like to thank him again for sharing this biography with the rest of the family. It reminds us all of the significant contributions that Goodhinds have made worldwide though the years! - TSG

A short biography


1. The following biography has been created based on military personnel files held at the National Archives in Kew, London, and supplemented by open source information on the internet. From these records, we are able to paint a picture of Cyril Goodhind's role during World War II as a member of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The SOE was known as "Churchill's Secret Army" and was tasked with conducting espionage, sabotage, reconnaissance and providing support to local resistance movements in occupied Europe and Southeast Asia.


Cyril Charles Goodhind

2. CYRIL CHARLES GOODHIND was born on 15 April 1906 at Waltham Holy Cross. His parents were GEORGE FREDERICK GOODHIND (born 30 October 1874) and ETHEL MAY SHELTON (born 29 November 1877), both of whom lived in Dartford, Kent. He had four siblings – GEORGE EDWARD GOODHIND, HERBERT HARRY GOODHIND, IVY FLORENCE GOODHIND and PERCY WILLIAM GOODHIND.1

3. Cyril Goodhind was educated at the Central Foundation Boys' School of London between 1918 and 1922. The school was founded in 1866 and still operates to this day.2 After leaving school, he worked for the Boy Scouts Association between 15 April 1922 to 3 September 1939. In his application to the SOE, he is recorded as being the Secretary and Assistant Camp Chief at the Scout Officer's Training Centre in Gilwell Park, Chingford, London.

4. Cyril Goodhind married LILY MARJORY GILSON on 7 January 1934 at Waltham Abbey. They had two sons - JOHN GOODHIND (born 21 June 1936) and JEREMY GOODHIND (born 3 April 1939).

Waltham Abbey, Epping Forest, Essex
Waltham Abbey, Epping Forest, Essex


5. Cyril Goodhind enlisted with the 6th Battalion Essex Regiment on 8 May 1939. He was assigned to the 443 Search Light Battery, 64 Search Light Regiment of the Royal Artillery, Territorial Army, where he rose to the rank of Serjeant by October 1939. During his time with this unit, he attended a Search Light course with the 40 Anti-Aircraft Brigade on 4 September 1940.3


6. Cyril Goodhind was recommended to join the SOE based on his experience in administrative affairs. He was interviewed by Lt Col J.S. Wilson, who described him as having a "fresh complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes and [standing at] 6 foot and three quarters of an inch tall." Cyril Goodhind subsequently joined on 13 March 1941 and was commissioned on 24 March as a Second Lieutenant.4 His starting pay was £425 per annum. On 24 May 1941, he was posted to work as the Adjutant and Quartermaster at Special Training School 17, located at Brickendonbury Manor in Brickendon, Hertfordshire.5 The school specialised in teaching sabotage methods to SOE operatives.

Brickendonbury Manor
Brickendonbury Manor, Brickendon, Hertfordshire


7. On 8 August 1941, Cyril Goodhind went onto work as a Staff Lieutenant at Special Training School Headquarters in London. He was tasked with "General 'A' duties in connection with [the] attachment and posting of Officers and [Other Ranks]: Commissioning of O.R.s and Civilians: normal Military 'A' work, etc." He was promoted to Acting Captain on 1 January 1943 and appointed as Staff Captain 'A'. In this role, he is described as being "engaged upon Interviews, Postings, Promotions, Documentation, Maintenance of Records of Service, Issue of Clothing and Ration Cards, Railway Warrants and Passes etc."6 In a report dated 16 August 1943, his immediate superior has this to say of his performance:

"An officer of considerable experience in 'A' work, especially that applied to S.O.E. He is hard working and conscientious in the extreme, sound in judgment and pays attention to detail."

8. In December 1943, Cyril Goodhind moved to a different team within the Special Training School Headquarters. He became the Assistant to the Finance Officer, responsible for "pay, audit and other financial duties." On 9 May 1944, he then transferred to become a Staff Captain (Finance) in India, leaving the UK for Delhi on 9 June 1944. He remained in this role for a year, returning to the UK in July 1945.

Cyril Charles Goodhind (Date not known)


9. Cyril Goodhind was demobilised from the Army on 7 July 1945. Based on the above record of military service, it can be assumed that he was awarded the War Medal and the Defence Medal. He may have also been eligible for the Burma Star if he had served within Bengal and Assam, but his file lacks detail on his service in India. On 1 January 1949, he was given the honorary rank of Major and is therefore likely to have retired from the Army as of this date.

War-Defence Medals
The War Medal 1939-1945, The Defence Medal

10. At some point after demobilising, Cyril Goodhind returned to work for the Boy Scouts Association. By 1957, he rose in seniority to become the Administrative Secretary of the Imperial Headquarters of the Boy Scouts Association. In this year he was made a Member of the British Empire (Civil Division). Later, in 1971, he was promoted to Officer of the British Empire (Civil Division) and is described as the Secretary of The Scouts Association.

Member of the British Empire (MBE) decoration and
Officer of the British Empire (OBE) decoration


1Percy William Goodhind (Regt number: 100972). In 1946, he was made an Officer of the British Empire (Military Division). He was promoted from Capt to Major as of 6 March 1949 and then granted the honorary rank of Lt Col upon retirement of his commission on 17 October 1950.



4Cyril Goodhind was given a new service number upon commission: P/181919.


6S.O.E. Personnel, S.O.E. History Sheet. Number 1044.


The following National Archive documents were used in this research:

HS 9/599 Special Operations Executive: Personnel Files
Reference: HS 9/599/8

London Gazette:

Goodhind, Cyril Charles

Goodhind, Percy William

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