In the row of photos just below are the three photos we have from British cousin DAVID GOODHIND which show where his research indicated William and Ann Goodhind lived during the 1851 census in Dartford. At that time, this row of housing was known as "Hall Place." Today, it is known as upper Hythe Street (meaning uphill, farthest from the River Darenth). The Goodhinds lived at number 14 Hall Place.

The first photo below (far left), taken in the 1970s, shows upper Hythe Street looking up from the intersection of Westgate Road and Home Gardens. When the next photo below was taken that same day, the former Goodhind home, like all others along this section of Hythe Street, had become storefronts. 14, now 67, was a convenience store. The third photo was taken by David's daughter in the early 1990s; at that point, the place had become a hair salon. During our visit in 2015, the fourth photo shows that it had become a different hair salon. By 2020, it had become a car rental business (credit: Google Maps 2020). But by January of 2022, it is a mobile phone store (credit: Google Maps 2022).

Looking up to upper Hythe Street (1970s)* The former 14 Hall Place (1970s)* 14 Hall Place in the early 1990s (now 67)* 67 Hythe Street in 2015
*Photos by David Goodhind

The photos below were taken on Tuesday, 15 September 2015 by Tim & Susan Goodhind, along with British Goodhind cousin Valerie Wright & her amazing husband David (our co-tour guide & congenial chauffeur), without whom the visit would not have been possible. Thank you both, Val & David, for sharing your time, your vast local knowledge, your boundless hospitality and your incredible good humor with us! We are forever in your debt.

Walking from car park to High Street It was a festival day in Dartford, like a town fair 1939 Leyland fire pumper/ladder on display

What a perfect photo! Tim traded stories with London Fire Brigade veteran Kevin Sivell, one fireman to another History of this truck Find out more about this fire engine by following this link

Final view of this magnificent truck Spitfire, the plane that won the Battle of Britain The famous Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel

Views of the famous Royal Victoria & Bull Hotel (https://royalvictoria.southcoastinns.co.uk/index.php)

Walking our way down Hythe Street from the center of Dartford

Moving down Hythe Street Commercial storefront row beside 14 The former 14 Hall Place

Views of the former 14 Hall Place

Farther down Hythe Street Plaque on building designating row as "Hall-Place 1825" Hythe Street has changed a LOT since the mid 1800s!

Across the intersection of Westgate Road and Home Gardens The Gasometer on Victoria Road Looking towards lower Hythe Street

The Gasometer on Victoria Road The Hufflers Arms pub on lower Hythe Street Abbott pharmaceuticals (formerly property of Burroughs Wellcome - this building was torn down in 2016)

Moving down lower Hythe Street Historic protected building Location of the former Phoenix Pub in 2015

Beside location of former Phoenix Pub Location of former Phoenix Pub at 149 Hythe Street The former Phoenix Pub prior to demolition in 2015 - William Goodhind II was a publican here (http://www.dover-kent.com/2014-project-a/Phoenix-Dartford.html)

A walkway over Darenth Creek behind the former Phoenix Pub location, this is the area that would have been part of the Phoenix papermill complex where Goodhinds would have worked. Sold to Burroughs Wellcome Ltd. Co. in 1889. (http://blog.wellcomelibrary.org/2015/08/the-changing-history-of-mill-ponds/)

This area, which would have been part of the Phoenix Mill complex, is now a factory for the Italian biotechnology firm DiaSorin

Back on lower Hythe St - area behind the walls would once have been row housing called "Nelson Row" where William & Ann lived Building medallion commemorating Nelson Row 1806; Nelson Row area today is a building supply company Looking back to the lower end of Hythe Street

Looking back to the lower end of Hythe Street Heading back towards the Hufflers Arms pub The intersection of Hythe Street and Victoria Road

The corner of upper Hythe Street and Westgate Road today The same corner in the 1970s The intersection of Hythe Street and Westgate Road

Last looks at the former 14 Hall Place

Last look at 1939 Leyland pump/ladder in town square Looking towards Dartford Public Library in the distance Walking towards Holy Trinity Church where William and Ann worshipped and baptized their last five children

Approaching Holy Trinity Church The Wat Tyler The main door to the church

Outside Holy Trinity Church - unfortunately, the church was closed this day so we could not go inside

Churchyard behind the building Church side facing Overy Liberty (street) Looking up Overy Liberty to the Dartford Bridge On the Dartford Bridge over the River Darenth

Views on the Dartford Bridge

Views of Holy Trinity Church from the Dartford Bridge Dartford Borough Museum

Views of the Dartford Public Library - presented by Scot-American Industrialist Andrew Carnegie Dartford Public Gardens

Views of the Dartford Public Gardens Entrance to East Hill Cemetery

Views of East Hill Cemetery (also known as "Brent Cemetery") where William & Ann Goodhind are buried - however, there appears to be no tombstone for them

East Hill Cemetery

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