The majority of the photos on this page were taken by Jeff & Susan Goodhind. Thanks to them!

Pat Goodhind & Arthur Goodhind, Sr. Art Goodhind cooking the meat Art Goodhind cooking the meat
Fire pit area in Laurel & Peter's yard The cooking tent Barbara Goodhind
Ted Palmer, Pat Goodhind and family friend Peter Freisem Sandra Goodhind, neighbor Anne Marie Sheerman & Art Goodhind Chris & Ella Goodhind
Scott Goodhind, Erin Daly (back); Deb, Barbara, Jeff & John Goodhind Cindy & Ted Palmer; Laurel Goodhind The serving table area
The eating area The eating area The serving table area
The cooking area (Whew! All done!!) Anne Marie Sheerman & Arthur Goodhind, Sr. Susan Hartwright & mother Ginny Ann (Goodhind) Pinard Foreground: sisters Barbara (Goodhind) Stockwell (seen from back); Kitty (Goodhind) Picotte & Terry Goodhind
The eating area The play area The play area
The serving table area Art Goodhind (sitting); grandson Jason, son John & grandson Mark Goodhind 4 generation photo: Art Goodhind (sitting) grandson Mark, son John, great-grandson Graham Goodhind
Art Goodhind (sitting) grandson Mark, son John, great-grandson Graham Goodhind, John's stepson Eric Rubio Sue (Andrews) Polumbo, Sally Andrews; Cindy (Goodhind) & husband Ted Palmer Cousins playing a card game
Sisters Barbara (Goodhind) Stockwell & Kitty (Goodhind) Picotte Terry Goodhind Barbara (Demara) Goodhind (sitting) & Daughter Lisa Goodhind
Arthur Goodhind David Goodhind & Susan (Shutta) Goodhind Tim Goodhind & grandson Owen Goodhind
Eric Rubio, Jason & Mark Goodhind, Arthur Goodhind III & Kim (Lahoski) Goodhind Jason Goodhind, Eric Rubio, Mark & John Goodhind, Heather Lively (rear), Sandra & son Graham Goodhind Bob & Gini Goodhind; Mike Finn & daughter Angela
The eating area Chris Goodhind; Aaliyah Goodhind (rear); Sue Goodhind Owen & sister Ella Goodhind
Ginny Ann (Goodhind) Pinard & cousin Pat Goodhind Jim & Ginny Ann (Goodhind) Pinard; Pat Goodhind Tim Goodhind explaining Richard Goodhind's involvement in the Battle of Gettysburg
Matt Goodhind and guest Emma Haskins Jackson Hartwright Lisa & Sue Goodhind
Erin (Goodhind) Markt, Deb Goodhind; Riley Markt (child); Pat Goodhind Sisters-in-law Laurel & Eve Lynn Goodhind Matt & mother Deb Goodhind; Emma Haskins, Pat Goodhind; Andy and Aidan Markt: (front) Erin & daughter Riley Markt
Kitty (Goodhind) Picotte, Barbara (Goodhind) Stockwell; Amanda Leigh-Hawkins, holding 3- week-old daughter Jadzia Hawkins, mother Terry Goodhind Sue & Tim Goodhind Deb & Pat Goodhind
The play area Paul , Sue & Tim Goodhind Family history display area
David Goodhind; Terry Goodhind, daughter Amanda Leigh-Hawkins & baby daughter Jadzia Hawkins Ken Condon; David Goodhind & his wife Lynn Lynn Facto; Phil Sampson; George Banas, Anne Marie (Goodhind) Sampson; Liz (Goodhind) Banas
Sisters Anne Marie (Goodhind) Sampson & Liz (Goodhind) Banas The eating area (now being used for card playing) Cousins! (clockwise, from bottom left) Daniel, Scott, Lisa & Matt Goodhind; Erin Daly; Emma Haskin: Kevin Formhals
Paul Goodhind & cousin Ginny Ann (Goodhind) Pinard Barbara & Arthur Goodhind Laurel, Graham (child), Paul & Peter Goodhind in Peter's shop
Children Jordan, Ella & Owen Goodhind; (standing) Melissa (Bourbeau) Goodhind Jim & Ginny Ann (Goodhind) Pinard; Mike Finn & wife Sharon (Pinard) & daughter Angela Finn; Susan (Pinard) Hartwright, son Phil & grandson Jackson Joe Boissonneault, neighbor Anne Marie Sheerman, Joan (Goodhind) & Ed Mekal, Tim Goodhind
Chris & son Owen Goodhind Barbara Goodhind talking to Joan (Goodhind) Mekal; (rear) Jon Goodhind & Sue Borgani (sitting) Art & Barbara Goodhind; (standing) Aidan Thompson, Graham & mother Sandra Goodhind; Eric Rubio, Mark Goodhind; Heather Lively; Jason, Paul, Eve Lynn, John, Arthur Goodhind III; Peter & Laurel Goodhind; Eileen Thompson (Laurel's daughter)
Pat (Goodhind) & husband Joe Boissonneault; Alan Goodhind; Peter Freisem; Jon Goodhind Barbara (Demara) Goodhind & family friend Denise Barberet Brothers David & Bob Goodhind
Amanda Goodhind blowing bubbles Cousins Pat Goodhind & Liz (Goodhind) Banas Erin Daly & Emma Haskins
Kevin Formhals, Erin Daly & Emma Haskins Pat Goodhind, Peter Freisem, Tim Goodhind, Marian (Coyne) Gray; Gini Goodhind & Doris (Gray) McAleavey Chris, Ella and Owen Goodhind
(standing) Sue Goodhind, Erin Daly, Jeff, Scott and Melissa (Bourbeau) Goodhind; (front) Tim, Chris, Ella and Owen Goodhind Ed & Joan (Goodhind) Mekal; Pat (Goodhind) & Joe Boissonneault Alan & Jon Goodhind; Ken Condon; Sue Borgani
Steven & Nadine Goodhind, Riley & Aaliyah Goodhind Jason Goodhind & Fiancée Heather Lively (clockwise from left) Paul & Eve Lynn Goodhind; Nadine Goodhind; Arthur Goodhind III
Family friend Charlie Doherty & Tim Goodhind (front) Eileen Thompson holding mother Laurel Goodhind, Mark, Steven, Aalyiah, Riley & Nadine Goodhind; Kim (Lahoski) Goodhind, Kathleen Goodhind; (Standing, l to r) Sandra, Lynn, David, Todd, Bob, Gini, Jeff & Amanda Goodhind Barbara (Demara) Goodhind & daughter Lisa
Lisa Goodhind & husband Kevin Formhals Alan Goodhind, Ken Condon, Sue Borgani, Jon Goodhind & Peter Freisem Pat Goodhind, Peter Freisem & Tim Goodhind (went to elementary school together)
(clockwise from left) Ed Mekal & wife Joan (Goodhind); Pat (Goodhind) Boissonneault & husband Joe Ed Mekal & wife Joan (Goodhind) Warren Gray, Tim Goodhind, Marian (Coyne) Gray, Doris (Gray) McAleavey & Liz (Goodhind) Banas
Sue Borgani & Jon Goodhind Charlie Doherty, Denise Barberet & Sue Goodhind Matt & Dan Goodhind, Kevin Formhals
Graham Goodhind, Gini Goodhind, Warren Gray, Aaliyah Goodhind (back), Peter & Amanda Goodhind Aaliyah & Amanda Goodhind Scott Goodhind; Erin Daly; Sue Goodhind
Jeff Goodhind & partner Erin Daly Scott & wife Melissa (Bourbeau) Goodhind Melissa (Bourbeau), son Scott, Tim & Sue Goodhind
Kathleen, father Todd, mother Kim (Lahoski) & Amanda Goodhind Gini, Kathleen, Todd, Kim (Lahoski), Amanda & Bob Goodhind Bob Goodhind; Elizabeth, Chris & baby William Gray
George Banas & wife Liz (Goodhind) Banas Pat Goodhind & Sister-in-law Barbara (Demara) Goodhind Tim Goodhind & niece Lisa Goodhind
Warren Gray; nephew Chris Gray, his son William & wife Elizabeth Pat, Peter & Sue Goodhind Chris Gray, wife Elizabeth & son William
Barbara Goodhind & son-in-law Kevin Formhals Laurel & Susan Goodhind Breaking down
Breaking down Elizabeth & William Goodhind check out the tractor Deb & Lisa Goodhind
Erin Daly, Deb & Lisa Goodhind Eileen Thompson (Laurel's daughter) & Mike Yurkevicz Little William Gray shows Dad Chris and Mom Elizabeth how to drive the tractor
Breaking down Breaking down Son Dan, Pat & son Matt Goodhind
Peter Goodhind & William Gray Denise Barberet & Barbara (Demara) Goodhind Lisa Goodhind, Erin Daly, Denise Barberet, Barbara (Demara) Goodhind & Deb (Downie) Goodhind
Erin Daly & Emma Haskins Erin Daly, Emma Haskins, Kevin Formhals, Lisa Goodhind, Dan & Matt Goodhind Kevin Formhals & Jeff Goodhind

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