At one time during our research, I had thought that any descendant of a Goodhind in America must have been a direct descendant of our five Goodhind brothers from England. I was very wrong.

In point of fact, there is another branch of the Goodhind family who came into Florida about 1870. The information presented here is derived from various e-mails I have received from two people descended from this branch. Please do not accept this information as my first-hand knowledge or research of vital records. I present it here in hopes again of re-uniting members of our family:

JOSEPH GOODHIND (25 years old) and MARY ANN LEADER (24) were married in Bristol, England on March 27, 1850, according to their marriage license. They had a son named WILLIAM HENRY GOODHIND, born about March 17, 1856. William came into the United States via Florida about 1870 as a cabin boy aboard a ship belonging to Sir Walter Raleigh. Once here, he changes his name to William Henry Brown and settled in the community of Immokalee, Florida. He married SARAH JANE JERNIGAN about 1881 in Collier County, FL.

William Henry Brown applied for US citizenship in April 1914. He died in Immokalee on June 14, 1927.

Unfortunately, I do not have an additional information about this family. However, I would be more than happy to facilitate an exchange of information between members of this family, if requested to do so.

I think it is very interesting that other Goodhinds were able to make the crossing to this country so long ago. It makes one wonder who else amongst the Goodhinds might have crossed the ocean to start a new life...

Tim Goodhind

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