Below you will find an index of the names found in the Goodhind genealogy to date.  By clicking the name here, you should go directly to the name in the family narrative.  

Reminder: the genealogy is produced on the website only to the generation born in the 1950's or so.  If you are interested in the rest of the genealogy, you can Contact Us.


Adlington, Ethel Maud (1883)
Adzigian, David John
Adzigian, Donald Paul
Adzigian, Herant John (1913)
Andrews, Roger Niles (1922)
Andrews, Sally May
Andrews, Susan Lee
Askew, Edwin Eldred (1874)
Askew, Evelyn (1908)
Askew, Percival (1900)


Banasiak, Jeanne
Bant, Audrey Winifred (1910)
Barrus, Beatrice Eleanor
Bauman, Walter H.
Beaudry, Rhea
Benham, Annie Mary (1876)
Bennett, Reg (1901)
Bex, Connie Lucy (1906)
Bex, Dennis (1908)
Bex, Mabel Annie (1902)
Bex, Sydney Alfred (1881)
Biddle, Reginald J. Victor (1908)
Blackman, Naomi Agnes (1886)
Blakeman, Michael
Bleeze, Eliza (1839)
Boissonneault, Jules
Brewer, Fanny A. (1863)
Brewer, Grace (1881)
Brooker, Maud (1903)
Brown, Betty Ann (1929)
Brown, Charles Raymond (1904)
Brown, Charles R. (1930)
Brown, Charles Wesley (1869)
Brown, Emily (1829)
Brown, Evelyn
Brown, Frank A. (1898)
Brown, Frank A. (1929)
Brown, George Henry (1880)
Brown, Marion Helen (1902)
Brown, Wesley David. (1900)
Brown, Winston Wheeler. (1928)
Brown, William Henry
Brown, William Henry (1856)
Brown, William Thomas (1897)
Bryant, Marjorie


Campbell, June Anne
Chalcroft, Ada (1888)
Chalcroft, Albert (1882)
Chalcroft, Arthur (1884)
Chalcroft, Ethel (1878)
Chalcroft, Harry (1895)
Chalcroft, Ivy (1898)
Chalcroft, John (1855)
Chalcroft, John Edward (1855)
Chalcroft, May (1880)
Chalcroft, Mildred (1879)
Chalcroft, William (1892)
Cheatle, Douglas
Chick, Douglas
Clark, Geraldine (Jean)
Collins, Ellen (1879)
Condon, George Francis
Condon, Bruce Douglas
Condon, Joan Elizabeth
Condon, Kenneth George
Coverly, Horace William (1902)
Coyne, Edward Murray
Coyne, Frances
Coyne, Gary Ray
Coyne, James Francis Jr.
Coyne, James Francis Sr.  (1908)
Coyne, James Francis III
Coyne, Joann Frances
Coyne, Jonathan Leslie
Coyne, Lillian
Coyne, Luella
Coyne, Marion
Croft, Helen 
Cuckoo, Amy Dyson (1858)
Cull, George (1873)
Cull, Hilda Isabel (1900)
Cunningham, Clement


Davis, Edward
Davis, Sarah Emma (1842)
Draper, James T.
Dimond, Irene Mabel


Evans, Elizabeth Kathleen
Everson, Eliza (1863)
Everson, Elizabeth (1841)


Facto, Karen Louise
Facto, Laurie Ellen
Facto, Linda Marie
Facto, Louis Wilford (1922)
Facto, Robert Edward
Facto, William Louis
Fairweather, Lily Dora (1901)
Farrick, Barbara
Finn, James B. Sr.
Finn, James B. Jr. 
Finn, Karla Jean
Finn, Ora Elizabeth
Finnerty, Mary (1856)
Fitzgerald, Gerald


Gallup, Atwood Amos (1883)
Gallup, Elizabeth Hawley
Gallup, Jane Harrington
Gallup, William Snyder (1910)
Galvin, Kate (1856)
Gage, Edgar S. (1903)
Gerry, Lester Willis (1893)
Gerry, Willis Tecumseh Sherman (1864)
Gibbons, Annie Warren (1890)
Gibbs, Maud E.
Gilham, Laura Ellen (1876)
Gilson, Lily Marjorie N. K. (1905)
Goodhind, Alan Robert
Goodhind, Albert (1893)
Goodhind, Albert (Bucky) (1931)
Goodhind, Albert Edward (1864)
Goodhind, Alfred (1858)
Goodhind, Alfred (1898
Goodhind, Alfred Edward (1893)
Goodhind, Alice Elizabeth (1876)
Goodhind, Amy Patricia
Goodhind, Annie Eliza (1899)
Goodhind, Annie Laura (1906)
Goodhind, Anne Marie
Goodhind, Annie Mary (1881)
Goodhind, Annie Rose (1873)
Goodhind, Arthur Christopher (1886)
Goodhind, Arthur Daniel Jr.
Goodhind, Arthur Daniel (1930)
Goodhind, Arthur Frederick (1890)
Goodhind, Barbara
Goodhind, Barbara Anne (1926)
Goodhind, Bertha Doris (1907)
Goodhind, Bertha May (1882)
Goodhind, Bertha May (1885)
Goodhind, Carole Ann
Goodhind, Charles (Butch)
Goodhind, Charles Allison (1878)
Goodhind, Charles Allison Jr. (1904)
Goodhind, Charles Edgar (1901)
Goodhind, Charlotte (1876)
Goodhind, Charlotte Elizabeth (1924)
Goodhind, Clara A. (1878)
Goodhind, Cora Mabel (1874)
Goodhind, Courtney (1881)
Goodhind, Courtney Henry (1905)
Goodhind, Cyril Charles (1906)
Goodhind, Daniel Edward
Goodhind, David
Goodhind, David (England)
Goodhind, David (1841)
Goodhind, Debra Jean
Goodhind, Doreen Elizabeth
Goodhind, Doris (1906)
Goodhind, Dorothy Ethel
Goodhind, Dorothy Helen (1916)
Goodhind, Dorothy May (1923)
Goodhind, Edna (1908)
Goodhind, Edna (UK - 1908)
Goodhind, Edward (1862)
Goodhind, Edward Charles William (1891)
Goodhind, Edward Stanley Jr.
Goodhind, Edward Stanley Sr. (1919)
Goodhind, Eliza (1856)
Goodhind, Elizabeth (1855)
Goodhind, Elizabeth (1862)
Goodhind, Elizabeth (1881)
Goodhind, Ellen Sarah (1863)
Goodhind, Emily (1866)
Goodhind, Emily Elizabeth (1877)
Goodhind, Emily Ann (1873)
Goodhind, Elizabeth Anne (1854)
Goodhind, Elizabeth Anne
Goodhind, Elsie Mary (1903)
Goodhind, Eugene
Goodhind, Fanny (1860)
Goodhind, Florence (1878)
Goodhind, Florence E. (1889)
Goodhind, Francis E. (1876)
Goodhind, Fred
Goodhind, Frederick (1836)
Goodhind, Frederick (1877)
Goodhind, Frederick William (1861)
Goodhind, Frederick William (1875)
Goodhind, George (1849)
Goodhind, George (1920)
Goodhind, George Edward (1898)
Goodhind, George Frederick (1874)
Goodhind, George Frederick (1874)
Goodhind, Gerrad
Goodhind, Gilbert Hawver (1925)
Goodhind, Harry William (1878)
Goodhind, Hattie Eliza (1870)
Goodhind, Henry (1834)
Goodhind, Henry (1852)
Goodhind, Henry (Harry) C. (1857)
Goodhind, Henry (1898)
Goodhind, Henry William (1875)
Goodhind, Herbert Harry (1901)
Goodhind, Hilda (1911)
Goodhind, Ivy Florence (1908)
Goodhind, James (1832)
Goodhind, James Arthur (1874)
Goodhind, James Thomas (1841)
Goodhind, Jennifer Jean
Goodhind, Jeremy (1939)
Goodhind, Joan
Goodhind, Joan Marie
Goodhind, John (1853)
Goodhind, John (1874)
Goodhind, John Edward
Goodhind, John Jr. (1884)
Goodhind, John Junior
Goodhind, John Raymond (1918)
Goodhind, John (1936)
Goodhind, Joseph
Goodhind, Kathleen
Goodhind, Lawrence James
Goodhind, Leonard (1881)
Goodhind, Leonard Courtney (1914)
Goodhind, Leslie Henry William (1904)
Goodhind, Leslie Thomas (1913)
Goodhind, Leslie William (1899)
Goodhind, Lester W. (1904)
Goodhind, Lilian (1909)
Goodhind, Lillian Ann (1872)
Goodhind, Lillian Eva (1881)
Goodhind, Linda
Goodhind, Lorena Marie (1927)
Goodhind, Lottie Mary (1870)
Goodhind, Luella Mary (1910)
Goodhind, Malcolm Richard (1911)
Goodhind, Marion Amy (1922)
Goodhind, Marion Theresa
Goodhind, Marjorie Beatrice (1921)
Goodhind, Martha (1846)
Goodhind, Martha (1858)
Goodhind, Martin
Goodhind, Maurice (1915)
Goodhind, Mary (1839)
Goodhind, Mary (1885)
Goodhind, Mary Ann (1859)
Goodhind, Michael Edward
Goodhind, Michael John
Goodhind, Mildred E. (1897)
Goodhind, Minnie Eliza (1868)
Goodhind, Murray Malcolm Jr. (1912)
Goodhind, Murray Malcolm Sr. (1880)
Goodhind, Murray Malcolm III
Goodhind, Murray Malcom IV
Goodhind, Nancy Jane
Goodhind, Nellie Florence (1905)
Goodhind, Nettie Ann (1873)
Goodhind, Olive Hilda (1899)
Goodhind, Patricia
Goodhind, Paul Lewis
Goodhind, Percy William (1903)
Goodhind, Peter James
Goodhind, Rachel Martin (1901)
Goodhind, Richard (1842)
Goodhind, Richard Norman (1921)
Goodhind, Robert
Goodhind, Robert Leslie (1926)
Goodhind, Ronald (1911)
Goodhind, Ronald Gilbert
Goodhind, Rose Elsie (1903)
Goodhind, Rose Ida (1866)
Goodhind, Ruth Hoyt (1897)
Goodhind, Sarah (1852)
Goodhind, Sidney (1882)
Goodhind, Thomas (1844)
Goodhind, Thomas (UK; 1879)
Goodhind, Timothy Stephen
Goodhind, Thomas (1879)
Goodhind, Tom (1847)
Goodhind, Virgina Ann
Goodhind, Virginia Mae (1922)
Goodhind, Walter Leonard (1905)
Goodhind, Walter Thomas (1889)
Goodhind, Wendy
Goodhind, William (1811)
Goodhind, William (1861)
Goodhind, William (1882)
Goodhind, William (1883)
Goodhind, William Henry (1856)
Goodhind, William James (1895)
Goodhind, William Kenneth (1909)
Goodhind, Winifred Kathleen (1902)
Goodhind, Winifred Mary (1928)
Goldsmith, John William (1858)
Gralenski, Marion
Gray, Carl Robert
Gray, Doris Ann
Gray, Lyle Howard
Gray, Raymond Maurice
Gray Warren William
Gray, William

(Pope) Harber, Susannah
Hartel, Ethel Hannah (1882)
Hawver, Henrietta May (1891)
Hildreth, Rita
Hill, Patricia Ann
Histon, John R. (1858)
Hoddinott, Henry Jospeh (1911)
Hoddinott, Joseph Henry (1888)
Hooper, David Nathaniel
Hooper, Nathaniel
Hooper, Richard James
Hopkins, Sophia
Hubble, Hilda Rosalind
Hussey, Cheryl Ann
Hussey, Linda Sue
Hussey, Neil Arthur
Hussey, Richard Austin
Ingraham, Kittie (1885)
Jernigan, Sarah Jane
Jones, Catherine (1887)
Jones, Charles (1864)
Jones, Christopher (1892)
Jones, Dorothy (1894)
Jones, Thomas William (1889)
Keeting, Hilda Olive (1913)
Kingsley, Joseph J. (1856)
Kingsley, Joseph L. (1886)
Kingsley, Mary (1887)
Knight, Eliza Emily (1882)
LaCouture, Bryan
Lambert, Arthur Albert (1878)
Larabee, Deborah
Larouche, Priscilla
Leader, Mary Ann
Lavey, Annie (1882)
Lewis, Dorothea (1914)
Linehem, Sidney Ernest (1902)
Looney, Shirley Patricia
Luxford, Louisa Maud (1883)
Mackie, James R.
Magrath, Dorothy Kate (1900)
Magrath, Harry George (1875)
Magrath, Harry Walter (1905)
Magrath, Nellie Lucy (1902)
Marsh, Alice Elizabeth (1903)
Marsh, Charles Henry (1870)
Martin, Annie (1882)
Martin, Charlotte (1841)
Martin, Eliza M. (1836)
Martin, Elizabeth (1877)
Martin, Frederick (1882)
Martin, Frederick (1917)
Martin, Grace (1923)
Martin, Harry (1880)
Martin, James
Martin, John William (1931)
Martin, Kate (1876)
Martin, Lucy (1886)
Martin, Lucy Elizabeth (1911)
Martin, Sarah Ann (1860)
Martin, Tom (1923)
Martin, Walter (1879)
Martin, Walter Frederick (1853)
Martin, Walter John (1905)
Maschin, George Leslie (1880)
Masloski, Alfred
Masloski, Michael Edward
Masloski, Patrick James
Masloski, Timothy Stephen
Maton, Mary
Mekal, Edmund
Meredith, Una Lenora (1908)
McGilpin, Russell Wyman
McGilpin, Lucinda Allen
McGilpin, Gerald Wyman
McKissick, Doris
McQueen, Henry (Harry)
McQueen, Keith
McQueen, Malcolm
Mientka, Genevieve Katherine
Moreton, Albert (1856)
Moreton, Albert H. (1882)
Moreton, Emily M. (1885)
Moreton, Ethel M. (1887)
Moreton, Frederick C. V. (1896)
Moreton, Rufus A. C. A. (1898)
Moreton, William John (1880)
Morey, Alfred James
Morey, Ann Marie
Morey, Howard
Nassar, Bruce Edward
Nassar, George
Nassar, Patrice Evelyn
Newman, Mary (1849)
Newton, Charlotte A. (1849)
Nicolai, L. A. Laura (1880)
Norman, Ann (1810)
Oakes, Thelma Yvonne
Olson, Debra
Otto, Hazel (1895)
Phillips, John
Phillips, Elaine Frances
Picotte, Roger
Pinard, James
Pope, Susannah
Porter, Charles Frederick (1881)
Porter, Clara (1887)
Porter, Ellen Beatrice (1877)
Porter, Emma Eliza (1891)
Porter, George (1871)
Porter, George Thomas (1847)
Porter, Grace (1886)
Porter, Harry (1876)
Porter, Leonard Arthur (1884)
Porter, Louise (1880)
Porter, Martha (1868)
Porter, Violet (1900)
Potts, Alexander
Powers, Evan John
Powers, Michael (Goodhind)
Powers, Scott D. (Goodhind)
Rewa, Alex
Richards, Conrad Allan (1930)
Richards, Elsie Mary Eileen Richards (1916)
Richards, Harold John (1913)
Richards, Doris Hilda (1911)
Richards, Josiah William (1877)
Richards, Nigel
Richards, William Allan (1907)
Rose, Cyril George (1904)
Rutter, Cheryl
Sampson, Philip
Shearer, Annie A. (1906)
Shelton, Ethel May (1878)
Shutta, Susan Ellen
Shutte, Doris May (1906)
Smith, Alfred (1871)
Smith, Frances H. (1910)
Smith, Frank (1869)
Smith, Frederick (or Edgar) (1878)
Smith, Lydia (1870)
Smith, Mohala (or Matilda) (1876)
Smith, Walter (1873)
Smith, William (1839)
Smith, William (1864)
Snyder, Belle (1888)
Snyder, Elizabeth Maude (1914)
Snyder, Elizabeth Mary (1883)
Snyder, Lillian Augusta (1882)
Snyder, Maude L. (1885)
Snyder, William Henry (1861)
Sperl, Warren Libbey (1900)
Spinelli, Anne
Stange, Fred F. (1897)
Stickles, Mary L. (1858)
Strang, Wilma Norma (1918)
Sutherland, Marie
Taylor, Alice E.
Thackery, Alan Thomas
Thackery, Bryan Charles
Thackery, Donald
Thackery, Donna Louise
Thackery, Mary Frances
Thomas, Adelaide Emily (1878)
Thomas, Agnes (1884)
Thomas, Annie (1880)
Thomas, Isabel (1882)
Thomas, Frances Ridley (1897)
Thomas, Francis Albert (1853)
Thomas, Francis Albert (1886)
Thomas, Frederick Alfred (1876)
Thomas, Nellie Goodhind (1890)
Thomas, Walter Edgar (1894)
Thomas, William Joseph (1875)
Tilley, Charles R.
Trask, Geraldine Elizabeth (1921)
Trask, Harry L.
Trotter, Jessica
Turner, Eliza
Viklinetz, Walter
Viklintez, Ronald Wayne
Viklinetz, Lois Ruth
Walsh, Mabel M. (1900)
White, Ethel Agnes (1905)
Wheeler, Irene M. (1898)
Whitcomb, William
Wickers, Agnes L. (1896)
Wiggins, Charles Albert (1904)
Wiggins, Lilian Lucy (1902)
Wiggins, Sydney Albert (1869)
Williams, Ethel May (1884)
Williams, Emma (1870)
Williams, George (1843)
Woodruff, Albert Richard (1911)
Woodruff, Clarence Earl (1884)
Woodruff, Colleen Dawn
Woodruff, Donna Lynn
Woodruff, Dawn Yvonne
Woodruff, Edson (1857)
Woodruff, Evelyn (1924)
Woodruff, Harold Earl (1916)
Woodruff, Howard (1886)
Woodruff, Lionel Howard (1923)
Woodruff, Lionel William
Woodruff, Patricia Rose
Woodruff, Robert Stephen (1909)
Woodruff, Robert Thomas
Woodruff, Sandra Marlene
Woodruff, Willis Richard (1907)

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