JAMES THOMAS GOODHIND was born June 7, 1841 in Bradninch, Devon, England (see birth record).  Prior to emigrating to the United States, he had married SARAH EMMA DAVIS (born February 7, 1842)  at St. George's Church, Gravesend on February 24, 1861. It is presently unknown when they could have divorced.

In any case, Sarah Emma re-married as a "widow" to bachelor GEORGE WILLIAMS (born about 1843), a "plasterer" on April 10, 1869 in London. The couple had a daughter:

A. EMMA REBECCA WILLIAMS was born January 7, 1870 at Newington, Surrey.

Sarah Emma died on August 26, 1903 at the age of 61 at Hendon, Middlesex.

James Thomas Goodhind and Sarah Emma Davis had two sons:

A.  EDWARD GOODHIND was born February 3, 1862 at Waterside, Dartford.
[In the 1871 UK census, 10-year old Edward is found living with his grandparents, captain EDWARD DAVIS and his wife EMMA ANN aboard a barge in Dartford. What an interesting life that must have been for a young boy! - TSG]
Edward was a nightwatchman during his adult life. He married SARAH ANN MARTIN (born about 1860 in London) on January 8, 1888 at Parish Church, Dartford (Edward's mother, SARAH EMMA (GOODHIND) WILLIAMS was a witness at the ceremony.). Sarah Ann died at Dartford on June 30, 1935 at the age of 75. Edward passed away there also on April 14, 1943 at the age of 82. The couple had 7 known children:

1.  FLORENCE E. M. GOODHIND was born in 1889 at Dartford. She married JAMES T. DRAPER in 1911 at Dartford. She died there in September of 1960 at the age of 71.

2.  EDWARD CHARLES WILLIAM GOODHIND was born in 1891 at Dartford. He married ETHEL MAY WILLIAMS (born about 1884) at Dartford in 1923. Ethel died at Dartford in 1948 at the age of 64. Edward died there on November 5, 1955 also at the age of 64. His occupation was listed as "boiler scaler."

3.  ALBERT GOODHIND was born in July 12, 1893 at Dartford. It appears that he married AGNES L. WICKERS (born November 18, 1896) there in 1921. Albert died at Chester, Cheshire in March of 1971 at the age of 77. Agnes died at Chester in March of 1983 at the age of 86.

4.  WILLIAM JAMES GOODHIND was born on October 12, 1895 at Dartford. He died there in December of 1972 at the age of 77. It is not known if he married.

5.  ALFRED GOODHIND (twin to HENRY) was born in February of 1898 at Dartford. He died there on August 31 at just 5 months old.

6.  HENRY GOODHIND (twin to ALFRED) was born in February of 1898 at Dartford. He died there on August 30 at just 5 months old.

7.  ANNIE ELIZA GOODHIND was born on July 8, 1899 at Dartford. She died there in June of 1974 at the age of 74. She appears to have been unmarried.

8.   CHARLES EDGAR GOODHIND was born in July of 1901 at Dartford. He died there on September 14 of the same year at the age of 3 months.

9.  ROSE ELSIE GOODHIND was born in 1903 at Dartford. She died there in September of 1973 at the age of 70. She appears to have been unmarried.

B.  ALBERT EDWARD GOODHIND was born January 13, 1864 at Waterside, Dartford. He died that same year on August 22 due to "tabes mesenterica and exhaustion." The infant was just 7 months old.

Returning now to James Thomas, according to records, he entered this country at the Port of New York on July 24, 1863. He became a naturalized citizen on November 2, 1870 at Superior Court, Berkshire County, Pittsfield, MA. He married MARY NEWMAN (born March 25, 1849 in Stockbridge, MA) on November 3, 1872 in Russell, MA. In the 1865 Massachusetts state census, James (26), unmarried, a papermaker, is found living, probably in a boarding house, in Dalton, MA. The proximity of the house to the Zenas Crane family would seem to indicate he was likely working for the Crane family. However, he is not found in the 1870 census at all. In the 1880 federal census, James T. (39) is found living in Huntington, MA with his wife Mary (31), children James Arthur (6), Francis E. (4), and twins Charles Allison (2) and Clara (2). According to the census, James worked in a paper mill and Mary kept house.  James' brother Frederick and his family lived next door. 

A note says that James died in an accident at the Chester paper mill in Huntington on June 5, 1880. An inscription on the Frederick Goodhind monument in Huntington reads "JAMES GOODHIND 1840 - 1880." 

[In January of 2003, I found the following newspaper notice: - TSG]:
Hampshire Gazette and Northampton Courier
Tuesday, June 8, 1880 [p. 2]

"Accident at the mill of Chester Paper Company

James Goodhine, machine tender at Chester Paper Co.’s mill, was found Saturday night [June 5] about 11 o’clock, in the case enclosing the main wheel of the mill. He was last seen a few minutes after six o’clock, but no anxiety was felt about him until about eight o’clock, when not being able to find him, his brother Fred K. Goodhine, foreman of the mill, ordered the wheel stopped. He had not been well during the day, and asked his brother to take his place at the machine. As he was last seen going into the basement of the mill search began in that direction, when portions of his clothing were found about the outlet of the main wheel. It is supposed that being in the vicinity of the flume he lost his balance, fell in and was carried by the current directly into the wheel where he was fearfully mangled. He was 39 years old and leaves a wife and four children."

Following James’ death, Mary Newman Goodhind re-married to JOSEPH J. KINGSLEY (born February 29, 1856 in Becket, MA) on December 21, 1882 in Huntington, MA. Mary herself died in Holyoke, MA in 1892 at the age of 42 and is buried there at Calvary Cemetery.

[Mary and Joseph J. Kingsley had two children: JOSEPH L. KINGSLEY (1886-1948) and MARY H. KINGSLEY (1887-1968). Joseph married again after Mary's death to MARY FINNERTY (1856-1922).  There appear to have been no children.  Joseph himself died February 13, 1921 at the age of 64 is buried at Calvary Cemetery with his two wives. - TSG]

James Thomas and Mary had four children:

C. JAMES ARTHUR GOODHIND was born in March 7, 1874 in Turners Falls, MA. He married ANNIE LAVEY, (born in June of 1882 in Germany) on September 14, 1899 in Chicopee, MA. At the time of his marriage, James was listed as a shipping clerk. He died in Holyoke on January 22, 1950 at the age of 75; Annie died in Holyoke in 1953 at the age of 70. In the 1900 census, James (26), a shipping clerk, is listed under his middle name "Arthur," renting his home in Chicopee, MA with his wife, Annie (17). According to the census, she was naturalized as a US citizen in 1884. In the 1920 census, James (46) is living on Monroe Street in Chicopee with his wife Anny (37) and a daughter Edna (11). James is listed as a Foreman in a paper mill; Anny is listed as a sorter.  James and Annie had two children:
1.  LESTER W. GOODHIND was born on March 11, 1904 in Chicopee, MA. He died on November 20, 1922 in an institution in Monson, MA. He was 18 years old.

2.  EDNA GOODHIND was born February 29, 1908;  she died, age 55,  in Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL on July 16, 1963.  Death certificate from Florida states she was buried at Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke, MA.
[On the greeting from James to Aunt Eliza on the occasion of her 88th birthday, I find no dates or town but I think they lived in Fairview (Chicopee). A clipping, no date, says that Edna, the daughter of Mrs. Annie Goodhind, received a diploma cum laude in massage physiotherapy.  Formerly, she had been a teacher in Chicopee schools.  She was a graduate of Westfield Teacher's College; BS in Education from Boston University with graduate work at the University of Rochester, NY. I know she was not married in 1953 when Aunt Nettie died.  Somehow, I heard that she moved to Florida and died there - AMS"]

[Following an internet search in May of 2008, I found Edna's death record in Florida and sent for a copy.  Edna died at age 55; the cause of death is not available.  It states she was  a public school teacher.  Her burial is given at Forestdale Cemetery, Holyoke, MA.  Father: James Goodhind.  Mother: Unknown. - TSG]
D. FRANCIS E. GOODHIND was born about 1876. He died on June 28, 1881 in Huntington, MA of scarletina fever at the age of 5. He is listed as a 4 year old with his family in the 1880 federal census.

E. CHARLES ALLISON GOODHIND (twin to CLARA) was born in East Lee on April 17, 1878 and married ELLEN ("NELLIE") COLLINS (born in Lewiston, ME on April 4, 1879) on May 31, 1902 in Holyoke, MA. Charles died December 13, 1934 in Holyoke at the age of 56; Nellie died in Holyoke in 1940 at the age of 60.  They are buried at Calvary Cemetery in Holyoke.
1.  Their son, CHARLES ALLISON GOODHIND, JR. was born in Holyoke on July 26, 1904 and died in his sleep September 12, 1957 in Holyoke at the age of 53. He married RHEA BEAUDRY (born September 1, 1905 and died February 15, 1988 at the age of 82).   Charles Jr. was a Holyoke policeman. Their two daughters:
a. JOAN GOODHIND was born May 19, 1932 in Holyoke.  She married EDMUND MEKAL on August 22, 1953 in Holyoke. Joan passed away on August 21, 2018 in East Longmeadow, MA at the age of 86. Three sons.

b. PATRICIA GOODHIND was born in 1936. She married JULES "JOE" BOISSONNEAULT (born July 15, 1934 in Holyoke; died July 13, 2018 in Naples, FL). Three children.
F. CLARA A. GOODHIND, (twin to CHARLES ALLISON), was born in East Lee on April 17, 1878. She married CHARLES WESLEY BROWN (born October 2, 1869 in G---lin, Quebec, Canada) on February 26, 1896 in Holyoke. Charles was a brickmason by trade; Clara had worked as a counter in a mill. Clara died at 27 years old on March 20, 1905 in Providence Hospital, Holyoke due to myocarditis. Charles then married the nurse who had cared for his ill wife, KATE GALVIN (born 1856 in Colchester, VT) on March 31, 1906 and remained in South Hadley. Kate died on May 4, 1930 at the age of 74. 
[She was a wonderful stepmother, loved by everyone. - AMS]
Charles died on October 11, 1938 at the age of 69. Clara, Charles and Kate are buried with a son, Frank, in Village Cemetery off Main Street, South Hadley Falls. Clara and Charles had five children:
1. WILLIAM THOMAS BROWN was born on January 16, 1897 in Holyoke. He married ANNIE A. SHEARER (born about 1906 in Holyoke) on June 21, 1927 in South Hadley. William died in 1946 at the age of 48 and is buried in Village Cemetery, South Hadley. Following his death, Ann re-married to JAMES R. MACKIE (born February 19, 1896, died November 18, 1980 at the age of 84). Annie died on April 11, 1982 in South Hadley at the age of 76. William and Ann had two children:
a. CHARLES R. BROWN was born August 1, 1930 in Holyoke.  He married DORIS M. MCKISSICK (born April 25, 1931 in Holyoke). Charles died March 22, 1999 in Windsor, CT at the age of 68. Doris passed away on November 3, 1997, also in Windsor, at 66 years of age. Two children.

b. EVELYN BROWN married ____ MARTIN.
2. FRANK A. BROWN was born in 1898 in Holyoke. He married MABEL M. WALSH (born June 9, 1900 in South Hadley) on August 27, 1921 in South Hadley. Frank was an accountant; Mabel was listed 'at home' on the marriage record. Frank died in 1934 and is buried with his parents in South Hadley; he was about 36 years old. Mabel re-married to CLEMENT CUNNINGHAM (born about 1900) and removed to Worcester, MA. She died there in February 8, 1983 at the age of 82. Frank and Mabel had one son:
a. FRANK A. BROWN was born June 16, 1929 in Holyoke. He married RITA M. HILDRETH (born April 12, 1925; died July 29, 2004 in Worcester, MA at the age of 79). Frank died April 21, 2008 in Worcester at the age of 78. No children.
3. WESLEY DAVID BROWN was born on March 6, 1900 in South Hadley. He married IRENE M. WHEELER (born about March 20, 1898 in Holyoke) on September 30, 1922 in Willimansett (Chicopee). Wesley was a brickmason like his father; Irene was a stenographer at the time of their marriage. Wesley died in 1962 at the age of 61 in Chicopee, MA; Irene passed away there also on September 1, 1980 at the age of 82. They are buried in Village cemetery, South Hadley. One son:
a. WINSTON WHEELER BROWN was born in June 10, 1928 in Holyoke. He died September 21, 1981 at the age of 53 in Springfield and is buried with his parents in Village Cemetery, South Hadley. He was unmarried.
4. MARION HELEN BROWN was born February 2, 1902 in South Hadley. She married WALTER H. BAUMAN (born February 7, 1900; died March 7, 1976 in South Hadley at the age of 76). Marion died there July 6, 1967 at the age of 65. No children.

5. CHARLES RAYMOND BROWN was born on May 9, 1904 in South Hadley. He married ETHEL AGNES WHITE (born about 1905 in Chicopee) on July 6, 1926 in South Hadley. Charles was an auto salesman at the time of his marriage; Ethel was a secretary. The couple is found in the federal census of 1940 in the city of New Haven, CT. Charles died there on October 19, 1948 at the age of 44; Ethel followed on October 21, 1962 at the age of 57. They are both buried in Beaverdale Memorial Park, New Haven, CT. They appear to have had no children.

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