According to JOHN GOODHIND 's death certificate at the State House in Boston, he was born at Dartford, Kent on October 28, 1853 and died December 20, 1915 in Springfield at the age of 62. Like his father and brothers, John was a papermaker and became a mill Superintendent. He married AMY DYSON CUCKOW (born November 30, 1858 at Dartford) on April 30, 1876 in Dartford. Amy died October 22, 1920 in West Springfield at the age of 61. John and Amy are buried in the Goodhind plot in Springfield Cemetery, Maple Street, Springfield, MA.

[They were late comers, for they brought with them two children, Charlotte and Florence, and then had four others: Lillian, John, Arthur and Alfred. But only Lillian, Arthur and Alfred were born in America. The story goes that Aunt Amy was so discontented that they returned to England to live but then thought better of it and returned to America! Hence, John was born in England during their return there. Unlike his other four brothers, John never became a naturalized citizen of the United States. -AMS]

One document we have regarding the family is their entrance into the Port of New York on the S. S. Canada out of London, England on January 23, 1880. You can view that document by following this link.

For some reason, the family is not found on the 1880 federal census even though they should be, having arrived in January of that year; the census date was June 1st. The 1890 census was destroyed by fire. In the 1900 census, John (46) is found living in Becket, MA with his wife Amy (41), children Charlotte (24), Lillian E. (18), John Jr. (15), Arthur S. (9) and Alfred E. (7). John is listed as a Supt. of a paper mill; Amy had no occupation listed, Charlotte was a bookkeeper in a mill, Lillian and John Jr. were paper sorters. John Sr. According to this census, Amy, Charlotte and John Jr. were naturalized in 1887. (Unlike his brothers, John did not become an American citizen.) John rented his home (likely leased to him by the papermill).

John and Amy had the following children:

A. CHARLOTTE GOODHIND, always known as "Lottie," was born in Dartford, Kent on June 30, 1876. On January 1, 1924 she married her sister Lillian's widowed husband, GEORGE LESLIE MASCHIN (born June 23, 1880 in New York City of Czech parents; died 8 August, 1974 in Gadsden, FL at the age of 94). Lottie died on October 14, 1949 at the age of 73. She is buried with her parents in Springfield Cemetery.
[Geroge was living in Florida at Christmas time in 1968. He had been a partner in Mosley and Maschin, a plumbing business in Westfield. - AMS]
B. FLORENCE GOODHIND was born about June 21, 1878 in East Maidstone, Kent; she died on June 7, 1881 in Huntington, MA of scarlet fever. She was just two weeks shy of her third birthday.

C. LILLIAN EVA GOODHIND was born in Huntington, MA on June 23, 1881 and married GEORGE LESLIE MASCHIN on January 7, 1910. Lillian died on December 5, 1922 at the age of 41. (George went on to marry Lillian's older sister, Charlotte.)

D. JOHN GOODHIND, JR. was born in Birmingham, England on October 23, 1884.
[The family had returned to England because Amy was unhappy in America.  However, they returned again to this country within a few years. - AMS]
John Jr. died, unmarried, in an automobile accident in Florida on September 21, 1966 at the age of 83. He was something of a loner and a recluse. His body remained unidentified for a month following his death. John is buried with his parents in Springfield Cemetery.

E. ARTHUR FREDERICK GOODHIND was born in Becket on October 30, 1890 and married ANNE WARREN GIBBONS (born in Westfield on March 11, 1890) in Westfield on September 14, 1920. He was a World War I veteran. Arthur died on March 4, 1968 at the age of 77. Anne died on April 18, 1978 at the age of 88; she had been an invalid for many years. Arthur and Anne had two children:
1. MARION AMY GOODHIND was born in Springfield on April 8, 1922 and married RUSSELL WYMAN McGILPIN, USN, on October 14, 1945 at the Church of the Atonement in Westfield. Russell passed away on March 9, 1987. He was 71 years of age. Amy passed away on June 13, 2012 in Southampton, MA at the age of 90. Marion and Russell had two children:
2. BARBARA ANNE GOODHIND was born August 28, 1926 in Westfield and married RICHARD AUSTIN HUSSEY on March 8, 1947 in Westfield. Richard died on Feb 26, 1999 at the age of 65; Barbara passed away on August 29, 2011 in Merrimack, NH at the age of 85. They had three children:
F. ALFRED EDWARD GOODHIND was born in Becket on March 5, 1893 and married HAZEL OTTO (born in Westfield on March 25, 1895) at Westfield on June 16, 1920. He was a World War I veteran. Alfred died of cancer in Palmer on January 25, 1960 at the age of 66. Hazel remarried FRED F. STANGE (born on February 22, 1897 in Vienna, Austria) in Westfield on November 18, 1966. Hazel passed away in April 3, 1986 at the age of 91. Fred passed away on September 1, 1988; he was also 91 years of age. Alfred and Hazel had one daughter:
1. DOROTHY MAY GOODHIND was born in Westfield on May 17, 1923. She married ROGER NILES ANDREWS (born in Springfield on July 23, 1922) in Palmer on April 2, 1949. Roger died July 6, 2007 in Westfield at the age of 84; Dorothy passed away on June 16, 2009, also in Westfield, at the age of 86. Two daughters:

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