The photos on this page were provided by Susan Andrews Polumbo and Cindy McGilpin Palmer, both descendants of John Goodhind & Amy Dyson Cuckoo. Thanks to you both for sharing these wonderful photos with us!

John Goodhind family (about 1897) Becket, MA (l to r) Lottie, John Sr., Alfred, Amy, Lillian, Arthur, John Jr. (about 1897) Alfred Goodhind with his Uncle Richard Goodhind
Amy Dyson Cuckoo Goodhind & son John Jr. George Maschin, wife Lillian (Goodhind), Myrtle Otto, Amy Goodhind and John Jr. Lillian (Goodhind) Maschin, Myrtle Otto and Lottie Goodhind
Myrtle Otto & John Goodhind Jr. Arthur Frederick Goodhind Alfred Goodhind & wife Hazel Otto
Anne Gibbons Goodhind, Lottie Goodhind, & Myrtle Otto Lottie Goodhind, John Goodhind Jr., Myrtle Otto, Anne Gibbons Goodhind Arthur Goodhind & his wife, Anne Gibbons
Hazel Otto, Arthur Goodhind & his wife Anne Gibbons Arthur Goodhind, his wife Anne Gibbons, brother Alfred Goodhind Arthur Goodhind
Anne Gibbons Goodhind Hazel Otto Goodhind Brothers Alfred & Arthur Goodhind with Alfred's wife Hazel Otto
Cpl. Alfred Goodhind Cpl. Alfred Goodhind Cpl. Alfred Goodhind
Leave permission for Alfred Goodhind Honorable discharge record for Alfred Goodhind Service record for Alfred Goodhind
Letter from Alfred Goodhind to his cousin Cora World War I medals earned by Cpl. Alfred Goodhind Examples of French currency during WWI
Alfred Goodhind & daughter Dorothy (late 1940s) Dororthy May (Goodhind) Andrews Arthur & Alfred Goodhind's daughters with their eldest daughters

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