JOHN GOODHIND was baptized on February 8, 1767 in Cullompton, son of RICHARD GOODHIND and MARY HEPHES. He married SARAH BENNETT on February 14, 1805. Sarah was the daughter of JOHN BENNETT and MARY PEDLAR. Their marriage took place just over four years after the death of John's father Richard in 1800.

A special license for their marriage may have been required as there was a Bastardy Order made against him on September 10, 1805 by one Ann Fourakers regarding the birth of a daughter (about March 10, 1805). John was ordered to pay a set amount for her upbringing. However, it appears that the daughter died shortly before reaching an age of maturity.

John's occupation during these times was as an Inkeeper. He and his brother JOSEPH GOODHIND had interests in various properties associated with their father. Both brothers became innkeepers for one of these properties, the "George Inn." Richard's widow Mary maintained a victualler's license for the inn upon his death in 1800. Son John served as Innkeeper for the "George Inn" from 1805 to 1811. Mary herself died in 1811. In 1815, John became Innkeeper for another business called the "Crown and Thistle" in Cockpit Hill, serving there for three years.

It is not known when John died.

Sarah (Bennett) Goodhind is found in the 1851 British census as a "pauper." She died on August 6, 1851 at the age of 71; she was buried August 10 in Cullompton. Her age at death suggests her birth year was about 1780.

John and Sarah had at least six children:

A. RICHARD GOODHIND, born June 16, 1807.

B. JOHN GOODHIND, born April 8, 1809. (Richard and John were baptized together on December 27, 1809)

C. WILLIAM GOODHIND, born June 8, 1811. (This is our descendant line.) William married ANN NORMAN.

D. JAMES GOODHIND, born July 2, 1813.

E. MARY GOODHIND, born April 15, 1815.

F. MARTHA GOODHIND, born April 9, 1817. (These last four children were baptized together on December 7, 1817.)

Daughter Mary may have died when she was nearly 3 years old, as the burial of a Mary Goodhind, aged 3, took place on April 2, 1818. Her brother James may also have died young, as a James Goodhind, aged 13, was buried in Cullompton on October 5, 1826.

Some notes regarding their son John:

As mentioned previously, John was born April 8, 1809. He was baptized with his elder brother Richard on December 27, 1809.

The 1841 census for Cullompton records John Goodhind, Paper maker, aged 25 living in Lower Street. Also living in the same property were a "Betsy" Wellington (35), her son Joseph (7) and daughter Sarah (2).

In the 1851 census, JOHN GOODHIND (35), an Agricultural Laborer is found on Lower Street with wife, ELIZABTH (45), a housekeeper, daughter SARAH GOODHIND (11), a scholar (i.e. student) and son RICHARD GOODHIND (6), also a scholar. With them is "son," JOSEPH WELLINGTON (16).

It appears that Elizabeth (Betty, Betsy) was likely the daughter of William Mills and thus was born February 20, 1797. The marriage of Thomas Wellington to Elizabeth Mills was recorded on December 25, 1818. The couple had four known children, the youngest being Joseph Mills Wellington (born December 25, 1833). The burial of Thomas Wellington, a Paper maker, took place on May 15, 1836, three years before the birth of Sarah Mills Goodhind on August 20, 1839. In that birth record, Sarah's mother is listed as Elizabeth Goodhind "late Wellington formerly Mills." There is no record in the surrounding area for the marriage of John and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Goodhind, aged 69, "wife of John Goodhind a jobs Labourer," died on March 17, 1868. John Goodhind, a "Farm Laborer," aged 62, died in Cullompton on March 17, 1870.

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