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About Papermaking
A three-page history of papermaking in England by Ms. Jean Stirk, a papermaking historian.

Alice Marsh Sperl
This page provides information about Alice who put together the first Goodhind genealogy in this country.  If you've never heard about Alice, you should make it a point to read this short historical tribute.

Aunt Rose
A memorial page for Rose Ida Goodhind Woodruff, the hard-working first child of Richard Goodhind and Charlotte Martin Cook, who lived to be 101 years old.

Woodruff Family Photo Gallery
This page will direct the visitor to a variety of Family Photo Albums.  These album pages are also accessible from the family's unique history section.

Berkshire, Hampden & Hampshire Counties
Use this page (and its hyperlinks) to learn more about the three Western Massachusetts counties where the five Goodhind brothers plied their papermaking skills.

The Civil War
These pages cover various aspects of, and battles in, America's only Civil War.

Richard Goodhind in the Civil War
These pages outline the military service of Richard Goodhind in the war (1861-1864).

How the Union Army was Organized
These pages outline the various fighting designations within the Army of the Potomac, from a basic "company" up through an "army."

About the 2nd Mass Volunteer Infantry
Describes the creation of the 2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in May of 1861. Touches upon the service of Lt. Colonel ROBERT GOULD SHAW. Also describes the first regemental memorial placed on the battlefield of Gettysburg by the veterans of the 2nd Mass Infantry in 1879.

Chronology of the 2nd Mass Infantry
Nearly-daily diary of the location and operations of the 2nd Mass Infantry regiment from its formation in 1861 through its disbanding in 1865.

Enlisted Men of the 2nd Mass
Accounting of the enlisted men of all companies in the 2nd Mass whose last names began with a "G" showing where they were born, their civilian occupations, where they enlisted, and dates of service (including disability or death).

Richard Goodhind - Prisoner of War
Summary of the capture of Private Richard Goodhind at the Battle of Winchester on May 25, 1862. Information provided on the subsequent time he spent as a prisoner of war until returned to his regiment on December 19, 1862.

Battle of Chancellorsville
Overview of the infamous Battle of Chancellorsville, Maryland, where the 2nd Mass fought valiantly. Richard Goodhind was wounded here.

Battle of Gettysburg
Broad overview of the pivotal events of July 1-4 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, possibly the most significant battle of the Civil War. Also regarding the founding thereafter of the first National Cemetery and the evolution of the famous "Gettysburg Address."

The 2nd Mass Infantry at Gettysburg
Summation of the devastating and pointless engagement fought by the 2nd Mass at the foot of Culp's Hill on early morning of July 3, 1863.

Gettysburg Photo Gallery
Photos from various trips around the battlefield and into the town of Gettysburg itself.

Contact Us
Use this page to contact the website authors.

Cousins in England
This page provides historical information about Tom Goodhind, William and Ann's 10th child, and his descendants who remained in England.  Provided to us by present-day cousin David Goodhind.

Dealing with the Census
This page explains some of the pitfalls of researching family history, particularly the Goodhinds, through the federal census.

5 Brothers in the Census
This page provides federal and state census images for each of the 5 Goodhind brothers who came to America beginning in 1865.

Do you know where he's buried?
This page provides photos of the burial sites for Henry, Frederick, James Thomas, Richard and John Goodhind here in America. Also given are directions in case you'd like to visit the sites yourself.

Family Trees
This page will ultimately have links to family tree genealogy charts that you can download or print.

Floridian Goodhinds
This page provides information about another branch of the English Goodhind family who entered the United States via Florida in the mid-1800s: William Henry Goodhind (Brown).

Goodhind Family Reunion 1999
Learn about (or re-live) the 1st Goodhind All-Family Reunion which included a Goodhind relative from England!

Goodhind Family Reunion 2013
Learn about (or re-live) the 2nd and most recent Goodhind Family Reunion!

Goodhind Family Reunion 2013 Photo Gallery
Review the large photo gallery of that great day together!

Index of People
Use this index webpage to find any Goodhind, Goodhind spouse or descendant found in this website.

In Memoriam
Memorial page to family members who have passed on in the more recent past.

The Name of Goodhind
The information on this page, provided by David Goodhind, suggests several possibilities for the origins of the Goodhind family name.

Missing Cousins
Using this webpage, we would like to draw attention to the "lost" members of our family.  Hopefully, the information presented here will "ring bells" with someone and help us to re-establish contact with our cousins somewhere in the world.

Notes to the Reader (and Frequently Asked Questions)
Provides basic information about the material presented in this website and how it was gathered.

Other Families
This page will move the reader to genealogical information on families tangential to the Goodhind family.

What's New?
This page hopes to provide current news of interest to family members.  News about this website will also appear here.

Where They Lived - England
Accounting of William Goodhind and Ann Norman as they moved from Cullompton, Deven to Bradninch and finally to Dartford, Kent with their every-growing family.

Photo gallery with local links for Cullompton, Devon, where William Goodhind and Ann Norman were born.

Photo gallery with local links for Bradninch, Devon where 5 of William and Ann's children were born.

Photo gallery with local links for Dartford, Kent where William Goodhind and Ann Norman finally came to live with their family.

Gas Works Explosion - 1879
Read about an incredible gas works explosion in 1879 just a few houses down from where the Goodhinds were living on lower Hythe Street in Dartford, Kent.

1939 Leyland Pump Escape
Learn the history of one of Dartford's early motorized fire appartus, a 1939 Leyland Pump Escape - GKO 224.

William Goodhind & Ann Norman
This page provides a good starting point for understanding the history of our family, beginning with our immediate ancestors in England.

The Children of William & Ann
This page lists the 15 children of William and Ann and provides links to pages for several of the children, including the five brothers who immigrated to America.

William Goodhind II
This page presents information an Willam & Ann's eldest son who remained in England. And you can read a narrative about the family from cousin Rev. Malcolm McQueen, a direct descendant.

Henry Goodhind
This page covers the family of William and Ann's 3rd child, one of the first Goodhind pioneers to come to America.

Frederick Goodhind
This page outlines the family of William and Ann's 4th child, a bloodline that will remain forever silent. He came to America with his older brother, Henry.

Mary Ann Goodhind
This page outlines what we know about Mary Ann Goodhind, their 5th child. She married Wiiliam Smith and bore 8 children. She also remained in England.

James Thomas Goodhind
This page covers what had been for a long time a "lost" branch of our family, the genealogy of William and Ann's 6th child, James Thomas, who also immigrated to America but died prematurely at age 39 in a terrible mill accident.

Richard Goodhind
Learn more about William and Ann's 7th child, who fought in the Civil War before joining his brothers again as a papermaker.
Richard Goodhind's 1st Family
Learn more about Richard Goodhind's first family with widow Charlotte (Martin) Cook which produced 5 daughters.

Richard Goodhind's 2nd Family
Learn more about Richard Goodhind's second family with wife Mary Louisa Stickles which produced 2 children.
Martha Goodhind
William and Ann 9th child, Martha, never left the UK. She bore 10 children to her first husband and later re-married.

Tom Goodhind
Here you can learn about 10th child, Tom Goodhind. Tom also never left the UK. Direct descendant David Goodhind also provides a personal narrative about his family and the Dartford, Kent area.

George Goodhind
This page provides the basics for William and Ann's 11th child, who became a millwright in a family filled with papermakers. George was a lifelong resident of Dartford, England; he married and fathered 5 children.
Cyril Charles Goodhind
This page offers a look at the World War II military career of Cyril Charles Goodhind, grandson of George.
John Goodhind
Use this page to learn more of John Goodhind, the 13th child of William and Ann and the youngest brother to immigrate to America.
John Goodhind Family Photo Gallery
Family photos shared by descendants of John Goodhind.
Elizabeth Goodhind
Learn more about Elizabeth Goodhind, the 14th child of William & Ann. She remained in England, married Walter Frederick Martin and had 7 children. Review the photo gallery for this family, as well!
Elizabeth Goodhind's Family
Read about Elizabeth Goodhind and her descdants as recounted by her great-great-granddaughter, Valerie (Martin) Wright.

Elizabeth Goodhind's Family
Photo gallery for Elizabeth Goodhind's family provided by great-great-gradndaughter Valerie (Martin) Wright.

William's Ancestors
The following pages carry the Goodhind family a further 4 generations beyond the days of William & Ann!

John Goodhind & Sarah Bennett
This page provides information about William's parents, John Goodhind and Sarah Bennett.

Richard Goodhind & Mary Hephes
This page provides infomartion about William's grandparents, Richard Goodhind and Mary Hephes.

Richard Goodhind & Mary Gould
This page provides infomartion about William's great grandparents, Richard Goodhind and Mary Gould.

Richard Goodhind & Ann
This page provides infomartion about William's great-great grandparents, Richard Goodhind (the "Sergemaker") and Ann ____.

Your Authors
Learn something about the authors of this website and their continuing research into our ever-growing family!

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