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WILLIAM GOODHIND (II) was born December 25, 1829 in Cullompton, Devonshire, England. He married EMILY BROWN (born about 1829) at the Mill Day Baptist Chapel in Bradninch, Devonshire on August 28, 1848. Emily died in 1870 at the age of 39. William was a papermaker like his father. 20 years later, at the age of 60, William next married widow SUSANNAH (nèe POPE) HARBER 1 on June 21, 1890 in St. Andrew's Church, Lambeth, London. Therafter, William was a Publican at the Phoenix Public House lower Hythe Street in Dartford. The pub was owned by his wife. He died on September 12, 1902 in Dartford at the age of 72. William and Emily had 5 children:

A. HENRY GOODHIND was born on March 10, 1852 at Bradninch, Devonshire. He married SOPHIA HOPKINS (born about 1851) st St. Mary's Church in the Parish of Stone, Kent on November 17, 1872 at Dartford. Henry was a papermaker, like his father. He died at Dartford on March 24, 1908 at the age of 56; Sophia died there in December of 1925. She was 74 years old. The couple had 6 children:
1. EMILY ANN GOODHIND was born April 29, 1873 at Dartford, Kent. She married GEORGE CULL (born December 31, 1873 in Barnes, Surrey), a grocer and later a gardener, in 1898 at Dartford. Emily died in November 28, 1951 in Ealing, Middlesex at the age of 78. Four known children:
a. HILDA ISABEL CULL was born February 21, 1900 at Hounslow, Middlesex.

b. NELLIE CULL was born January 22, 1904 at Huish Episcopi, Somerset.

b. DELIA EVA CLARA CULL was born September 10, 1909 at Huish Episcopi, Somerset.

b. ALBERT GEORGE CULL was born April 13, 1912 at Huish Episcopi, Somerset.
2. HENRY WILLIAM GOODHIND was born in September 18, 1875 at Dartford. He married HILDA ROSALIND HUBBLE (born April 14, 1866 in Crockenhill, Kent) on June 1, 1897 in Watford, Hertfordshire. Henry died on April 11, 1946 on Canvey Island, near the mouth of the Thames River at the age of 70. Hilda died on February 12, 1957 while living with her daughter Olive in Beckenham, Kent. She was about 90 years old. The couple had two children:
a. OLIVE HILDA GOODHIND was born July 16, 1899 at Dartford. Olive married HARRY McQUEEN.

b. LESLIE HENRY WILLIAM GOODHIND was born July 7, 1904 at Dartford. He died September 11, 1927 in Lee, Kent at the age of 23.
3. FREDERICK GOODHIND was born in 1877 at Dartford. He died there in March of 1946 at the age of 69. It is not known if he was married.

4. COURTNEY GOODHIND was born in 1881 at Dartford. He married ELIZA EMILY KNIGHT (born about January 25, 1882 in Wilmington, Kent) on March 4, 1905 at East Christ Church, Greenwich. Sadly, Courtney died at Charring Cross Hospital, London on December 22, 1910 at the age of 29. This couple had three children:
a. COURTNEY HENRY GOODHIND was born on June 7, 1905 at Dartford. He married DORIS MAY SHUTTE in 1932. He died there in September 1972 at the age of 67. Doris died in 1995 at Maidstone, Kent at the age of 89.

b. DORIS M. GOODHIND was born in April 5, 1906 at Dartford. She died in 1995 at Maidstone, Kent at the age of 88.

c. LILIAN GOODHIND was born in September 19, 1908 at Dartford. She married SIDNEY ERNEST LINEHAM in 1932. Sidney passed away on May 25, 1978 in Dartford at the age of 75. Lilian died in early 2002 at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England at the age of 93.
5. SIDNEY GOODHIND was born in 1882 at Dartford. He married ALICE E. TAYLOR in 1914 at Dartford. He died in September 1919 in St. Martin, London at the age of 37.

6. LEONARD GOODHIND was born in 1884 at Dartford. He married LOUISA MAUD LUXFORD (born about 1883 in Kent) in 1907 at Dartford. Leonard died on December 1, 1948 at the age of 64. Louisa died in Middlesex on March 20, 1951 at the age of 68. Three known children:
a. EDNA GOODHIND was born April 8, 1908 at Dartford. She married EDGAR S. GAGE (born March 18, 1903) on February 26, 1839 in Greenford, Ealing. Edna passed away on May 28, 1994 in Epsom, Surrey at the age of 86.

b. HILDA GOODHIND was born in 1911 at Dartford.

c. LEONARD COURTNEY GOODHIND was born June 4, 1914 at Dartford. He died in April of 1996 in Hillingdon, Middlesex at the age of 81. One known son.
7. ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER GOODHIND was born in 1886 at Dartford. He died there on April 19, 1887 at just 11 months old.
B. ELIZABETH ANNE GOODHIND was born in 1854 at Dartford. She married FRANCIS ALBERT THOMAS (born about 1853 at Bucks, Wycombe Marsh) on May 25, 1873 in St. John's Church, Lambeth, Surrey. Francis was a papermaker. The couple had the following children:
1. WILLIAM JOSEPH THOMAS was born abt. 1875 in Dartford.

2. FREDRICK ALFRED THOMAS was born abt. 1876 in Dartford.

3. ADELAIDE EMILY THOMAS was born abt. 1878 in Dartford.

4. ANNIE THOMAS was born abt. 1880 in Dartford.

5. ISABEL THOMAS was born August 28, 1881 in Dartford. She married ALBERT EDWARD WARN (born August 17, 1878).

6. AGNES THOMAS was born abt. 1884 in Dartford.

7. FRANCIS ALBERT was born abt. 1886 in Dartford.

8. NELLIE GOODHIND THOMAS was born March 14, 1890 in Watford, Hertfordshire. She married HERBERT G. TIBBLES (born February 10, 1892).

9. WALTER EDGAR THOMAS was born abt. 1894 in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire.

10. FRANCES RIDLEY THOMAS was born April 4, 1896 in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire.
C. ELIZA GOODHIND was born in 1856 at Dartford. She married JOHN EDWARD CHALCROFT (born about 1855) on October 28, 1876 at St. George the Martyr Church, London. John was a papermaker. The couple had the following children:
1. ETHEL CHALCROFT was born abt. 1878 at Dartford.

2. MILDRED CHALCROFT was born abt. 1879 at Dartford.

3. MAY CHALCROFT was born abt. 1880 at Shoreham, Kent.

4. ALBERT CHALCROFT was born abt. 1882 at Shoreham.

5. ARTHUR CHALCROFT was born abt. 1884 at Shoreham.

6. JOHN CHALCROFT was born abt. 1885 at Shoreham.

7. ADA CHALCROFT was born abt. 1888 at Shoreham.

8. WILLIAM CHALCROFT was born abt. 1892 at Shoreham.

9. HARRY CHALCROFT was born abt. 1895 at Sutton-at-Hone, Kent.

10. IVY CHALCROFT was born abt. 1898 at Sutton-at-Hone.
D. MARTHA GOODHIND was born in 1858 at Dartford. She married ALBERT MORETON (born about 1856 at Bexley Heath, Kent) on October 16, 1880 at St. John's Church, Walworth, Surrey. Albert was a boilermaker. The couple had the following children:
1. WILLIAM JOHN MORETON was born in 1880 at Dartford.

2. ALBERT H. MORETON was born abt. 1882 at Beckton, Essex.

3. EMILY M. MORETON was born abt. 1885 at Beckton, Essex.

4. ETHEL M. MORETON was born abt. 1887 at Beckton, Essex.

5. FREDERICK C. V. MORETON was born abt. 1896 at Beckton, Essex.

6. RUFUS A. C. A. MORETON was born abt. 1898 at Beckton, Essex.
E. FREDERICK WILLIAM GOODHIND was born in 1861 at Dartford. He died there on January 27, 1863 at just 2 years of age.

F. ELLEN SARAH GOODHIND was born in 1863 at Dartford. She died there on Febraury 3, 1870 at the age of 6 years. Her mother Emily died just a few month later.

G. EMILY GOODHIND was born in 1866 at Dartford. She married CHARLES JONES (born about 1864 in Belvedere, Kent) in 1886 at Dartford. Charles was a carpenter and later a joiner in a cable factory. The couple had the following known children:
1. CATHERINE JONES was born about 1887 at Belvedere, Kent.

2. CHRISTOPHER JONES was born abt. 1892 at Belvedere, Kent.

3. DOROTHY JONES was born abt. 1894 at Belvedere, Kent.

1 The following information was provided by Nigel Richards regarding Susannah (Pope) Harber and William II:

Susannah Goodhind, formerly Harber, formerly Marsh, née Pope was the daughter of labourer, James Pope, and was born about 1836 at Letcombe, Berkshire.

She married first Robert Marsh, a shepherd, in the Windsor District in 1855. They had a number of children including Harry Robert (b. 1858) and Frank George (b. 1879). Robert died in 1884 by which time they had moved to Crayford near Dartford.

Susannah then married widower John Harber, a publican of Battersea, London, at St George the Martyr's Church, Battersea on 17th April 1886. In 1861 John was the publican at the Duke's Head, Crayford. By 1871 he was beer house keeper at 154 Waterside, Dartford. (The Phoenix Beer House is not identified in the 1871 census but No. 154 was probably it – it's in the correct area). In 1881 he was named as the Beer Retailer at the Phoenix which was then numbered 127 Hythe Street (Waterside). John died on 10th January 1888 leaving the business to Susannah.

Susannah married William Goodhind at St Andrew's Church Lambeth on 21st June 1890. (Why marry in Lambeth?) The Phoenix Beer House was just across the road from William & Anne's house in Nelson's Row and William junior's address (No.119 in 1881) would have been just a few doors away from the pub on the same side of the road. William took over the job of beer house keeper at the Phoenix where he is found in the 1891 census, the pub now being numbered 149 Hythe Street. Susannah's son Frank George Marsh is also present. At the time of the 1901 census, William & Susannah are still at the Phoenix. William died in 1902 and Susannah stayed on at the Phoenix where she was listed as the publican in the 1911 census (at 74 years of age). A son, Harry Marsh, was helping her.

In 1917 Susannah, aged 81, remarried again, this time to Isaac Pitcher in the Maidstone District of Kent. Isaac had been a stationary engine driver at a cement works. Susannah died aged 86 at Dartford in 1922 and Isaac, aged 85, in 1929.

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