The photos on this page were provided by Lionel William Woodruff and Donna Woodruff. Many thanks to them both for sharing these pieces of their family's history!

Clarence and Howard Woodruff

(unknown date)

The Woodruffs c. 1943, Calgary

(l. to r) Richard, Robert, Lionel, Willis, Harold

(seated) Ethel (nee Hartle) and Howard

Harold Woodruff

Ethel and Howard Woodruff Harold, Ethel, Howard and Helen Woodruff Howard Woodruff (1937)

5 generations - Aug. 1957

(clockwise from front) Rose Woodruff, great-grandchildren Donna and Lionel; grandson Harold, son Howard

William and Annie Hartle

Parents of Ethel Hartle Woodruff

Letter from grandfather Richard Goodhind to Howard upon birth of son (1907)
Letter from RAF that Lionel Woodruff was lost in combat Presumption of death letter for Lionel Letter of sorrow from King George

Lionel Woodruff's name in the Book of Remembrances - Canada

Memorial to Lionel Woodruff & 2 crewmates, Cornamont, France Memorial to Lionel Woodruff & 2 crewmates, Cornamont, France

Donna Woodruff in Britain - October 2013

Donna's nephew Jim Ferguson, niece Carolyn Laton & brother Lionel - 2013 Howard Woodruff & Ethel (Hartle) memorial

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